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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules

    Post  Raven on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:20 pm

    Main Forum Rules

    -SPAM is absolutely not allowed in any instance.
    SPAM stands for 'Stupid, Pointless and Annoying Message.' This can pertain to anything that does not have anything to do with topic being discussed (being off topic, etc.) or just sentences that don't make sense at all.

    -Respect towards the staff is something that must be universal.
    As the Staff has agreed to be on key with each other at all times with respect, the users must respect the staff in the same way we respect you.

    -Everybody is to respect everybody else on the forum.
    Avoid bashing, flaming or insulting other people/topics. If there is an uncivil involvement between members or someone harasses you, you are not allowed to retaliate with the same act. Please feel free to let a Moderator or Administrator aware of these actions so someone can resolve the issue. Respect the beliefs of other members. If you disagree with the conduct of another member, please contact a staff member and, again, the situation will be resolved.

    -Threads can only be revived with a month time-span.
    A thread that has not been posted on in at least a month is considered old. Do not revive these threads. If you would like to recreate a topic that has died, post a new thread with the same title/topic and alert a staff member so the old thread can be dealt with.

    -Pornographic or obscene images will not be permitted at any one location on the forums at any time. Ever.
    Posting such things will lead to an immediate and indefinite ban.

    -Please make your posts a minimum of four words.
    This is to prevent a flood of short posts that won't lead anywhere. Also avoid double posting. Edit your previous post if you have something else to say, but someone else hasn't said anything since your last message.

    -Illegal content may not be posted.
    The community does not allow discussion of illegal materials - this includes the illegal distribution of TV shows, video games (including ROMs), music, or software. You may not discuss how to obtain these materials or link to sites with these materials.

    -Please do not minimod.
    This means a member acting as a moderator in telling other members 'not to double post' or enforcing such rules on the forum. Just contact a Staff member and the situation will be deatl with.

    Registration and Accounts

    -You are discouraged in creating more than one account for yourself.
    You are also not allowed to make an account impersonating another member. If you are caught doing such things, you will be warned and possibly banned, depending on the situation.

    -Sock Puppetry is prohibited.
    This means you may not use another account to vote on a poll or back up an argument, mislead other members, or evade a ban. Evasion of a ban, in particular may, depending on the offences a member commits, result in punishments such as the ban time being doubled and/or the timer reset. This does not prohibit having multiple accounts (for yourself or individuals in your family) in general. We will ban all accounts used for ban evasion without question.

    -User names need to be appropriate, meaning your name cannot possess vulgar or obscene words/content.
    Hidden characters and UTF-8 characters designed to hide, glitch, or be unseen are not allowed in your username. Also, no accounts will be deleted unless there is a serious-enough situation to which an account must be deleted for progress to be made in clearing out problems to the forum.
    -The community rules are designed to ensure that community members respect the values of other members, and aim to protect members and staff around the community to ensure that it is an enjoyable, safe experience for all its members. These rules are set in conjunction with our terms of service. You may be punished for breaking these rules. While the following rules apply to the community as a whole, some forums within the community may impose extra rules, so please check for rules in such forums before you post. If you have any questions about the following rules, please don't hesitate to contact a higher staff member.

    -Policewoman Raven

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