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    The Roaming Being, Aperture Draconequus.

    Aperture Draconequus
    Aperture Draconequus

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    The Roaming Being, Aperture Draconequus.

    Post  Aperture Draconequus on Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:01 am

    I am the person known as "The Aperture Draconequus" I'm hated for being a rightful and logical dickhead about things, not my fault usually. People challenge my statements and don't expect me to retaliate them. I'm a person who usually is right and justified. I believe In Union and Equality and those powers should be divided upon people. People must work to gain their rank and reputation. This is usually referred to as "Communism". Where a country splits its power upon factions and offers equality and lack of Dominant classes. Do not offend me, I will not hate you.
    Feel free to challenge my statements and thoughts. Freedom of speech permits you to do so, And Hello. I hope to enjoy my Membership and possibly, Service to this server.

    " Union and Equality should and will exist. "

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